The Wikiland Archive was founded in 2016 by the same founder CnocBride. I try to archive as many pages as I can from a number of wikis. I am trying to keep a copy of everything on wikis. Many of the pages templates and infoboxes are broken but all I really want to do is preserve the information. Please refer to the list below for a full list of wikis that I am importing files.

A Edit

  • Althistory Wiki

B Edit

C Edit

D Edit

  • Dump Wiki

E Edit

F Edit

G Edit

  • GTA Wiki
  • GTA Fanon Wiki

H Edit

  • Harry Potter Wiki
  • Harry Potter Fanon Wiki

I Edit

J Edit

K Edit

L Edit

M Edit

  • Mario Wiki
  • Map Game Wiki

N Edit

O Edit

P Edit

Q Edit

R Edit

S Edit

  • Star Wars Wiki
  • Star Wars Fanon Wiki

T Edit

U Edit

V Edit

W Edit

  • Wikipedia

X Edit

Y Edit

Z Edit

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