The HMS Harold Joseph Bentley is a bentley class supercarrier and the flagship of its class named after Fleet Admiral Harold J. Bentley. It is the first ever "supercarrier" and the oldest supercarrier still in active service. It is under the ownership of the Regalian Navy and has been in service since 1965. It is the first completed of the 8 Bentley class supercarriers.

It has served in a number of wars and conflicts under the Regalian Navy and is also known as the "Grandad of the Seas" due to its age. It is the second oldest supercarrier in Aloria. Though it is still in active service it is rarely used in active combat zones due to its vulnerability and the Hamilton Supercarriers and the Smith Supercarriers are more suitable options for active war zones. It is used however away from combat areas to house damaged aircraft, refuels and emergency landings.

In 2014 the Naval Commision for Carriers published the Bentley Report and deemed the Bentley class deemed unfit for active service. 5 of the Bentley Class Supercarriers have been decommissioned and this supercarrier is in the process of decommissioning.

It is presumed for the HMS Harold J. Bentley to be fully ready for retirement by 2017.

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