The Supreme Council of Minecraftia, officially the Supreme Council of the Northern Alliance of Minecraftia is a intergovernmental organisation that governs the nations around Northern Minecraftia. It is led by the Delegation of Chancellors which are the ten political leaders of each permanent member state.

The organisation is overseen by the Board of Overseers which is led by the Regalian Emperor who has overseen proceedings for over 150 years. Members of the Board include former chancellors, judges, barristers, clergymen and more.

Early History and Founding Edit

In 1689 AC the North Minecraftian Treaty was signed by 16 member states and formed the North Minecraftian Alliance a economical and military alliance of member states to defend from the Barbarian States which were invading much of Northern Minecraftia. Soon members of the Cerulean Continent joined the treaty but decided not to change the name. 10 years later a meeting was held between all nations to decide what to do after the defeat of the Barbarian States. This was named the First Supreme Council of Minecraftia and was held every week since then.

Influences Edit

The SCM has proved extremely powerful and useful to member nations and has improved the lives of thousands. Since the Regalian Empire has intervened in 1750 AC many people have argued that it was the best and worst mistake of the SCM. Some argue it has brought more funding while some state it is just a plot from the Imperial Court of Regalia to dominate Minecraftias affairs.

The SCM has intervened in the following wars.

  • Helmfrith Siege - In 1839 Helmfrith was under siege from the Southern United States of Barbare. The SCM successfully deployed 50,000 troops with help of the Regalian Navy to defeat the siege. The SUSB retreated and were invaded by the SCM Forces in less then 3 weeks. This led to the downfall of the nation
  • Great Ithanian War - In 1852 the Ithanian Empire broke down and brought much of the nation with it. A power struggle began and Ithania fell into war. The war was mainly stopped in most places but still rages in areas around Ithania.

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