'Russian Federation
Российская Федерация

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Gosudarstvenny gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii "
Russian Federation.
Capital Moscow
Official language Russian
State ideology Democratic Semi-Socialism
Government Federal semi-presidential republic
Head of State
- 2008 –
Dmitry Medvedev
Head of Government
- 2008 –
Prime Minister
Vladimir Putin
Area aproximately 20 million km² (2007)
Population 170 million (2012)
Currency Ruble

One of the founding members of the Northern Defense Coalition, Russia is far more integrated with the West than ever before, so much so that some are beginning to say, the Northern World, rather than Western. With a surging economy thanks to their status as a major Natural Gas exporter, Russia is one of the main oil suppliers to the developing world. Russia is also home to the second largest space program in the world, and is beginning efforts to send a manned mission to Mars, as a jumping off point for the Asteroid Belt's plethora of resources.


Russia's economy is largely based around its oil and natural gas industries, which are owned by the state. Due to the drop in demand for both products in the west, Russia's economy is only growing at a marginal level. However, due to recent funds from the US to increase development, the Russian economy is finally beginning to grow at much higher levels; this is also in part thanks to the construction of the Global highway which is dramatically improving trade within Russia.


International RelationsEdit

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