The Regalian Nuclear Research Agency (RNRA) is a Regalian research agency based in Cerrus, Regalia. It is the main body in charge of researching and developing nuclear energy and runs the Regalian Laboratory for Particle Research the largest machine on the Regalian Continent.

The RNRA currently employs 15,000 scientists with over 1,000 engineers. There are also 14,500 office staff working in various RNRA buildings around the Regalian Empire. It is also a founding member of the International Commission for Nuclear Research.

Although its main purpose is to research nuclear energy it has been an advisory on various government projects for the development of nuclear weapons which has proved unpopular and has been since discontinued. It has worked with His Majesty's Telecoms Service to further develop communications and other projects.

History Edit

Founding Edit

In 2003 the Department of Defense closed the Nuclear Advancement Agency after the Nuclear Arsenal Program was discontinued by the Nuclear Regulation Act was passed into law. Many people were pleased with the discontinuation of the Nuclear Arsenal Programme but campaigned for the continuation of Nuclear Power which was carried out by the same agency. In 2004 after much deliberation the Power and Fuels Act passed into federal law and it created the RNRA.

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