The Most Divine Emperor of the Regalian Empire commonly known as the Regalian Emperor is the head of state and government of the Regalian Empire and is one of the most powerful men in the world. The Regalian Emperor along with the Pope serve as the heads of the government in Regalia.

The Regalian Emperor is one of the oldest monarchies ever and one of the only monarchies left on the cerulean. The Regalian Emperor has been seen as a member of the "Old World" a term used for countries that do not progress as well as other countries but the Regalian Emperor remains popular due to his appointment of an elective assembly.

The Emperor since 1902 has allowed a elective assembly to convene. He has the power to dissolve and create a new assembly and has a power to reject or create any laws that he wants. This is seen as one of the greatest progresses of the Regalian Monarchy.

The Edict of Regalian Succession was passed by Alexander II to disallow any woman from being appointed the title of Empress. This law still stands today though it is dwindling as more and more support for a unisex monarch is on the rise. Former emperor Benedict X said he would abolish the Edict in 1973 but never did so due to the opposition of the Church of Unionism.

History Edit

Founding Edit

After the collapse of the North and South Regalian Kingdoms and the Kingdom of Great Ceardia invaded the lands the King of Ceardia Cerrus I appointed himself Emperor of the Empire of Ceardia. The Empire lasted for nearly for 23 years before the Regalians overthrew him and Regalia became the capital of the new Regalian Empire. A number of powerful families fought for power but the Xenos family succeeded due to their ownership of Regalia and their ties to the church.

After the Regalian Empire Charter was signed the title of "Emperor" was created and Frederick Xenos became the first emperor of Regalia

List of Emperors Edit

Eras Edit

The Fredrekian Era - The first 3 emperors were all close relations of the same name. They are famous for the establishment of the Regalian Emperor.

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