Project Tangerine

From 1961 to 1971, the United States used a defoliating herbicide called Agent Orange in Vietnam as part of Operation Ranch Hand, a strategy to eliminate crops in the targeted area in order to, well, possibly wipe out some substantial part of the NVA. 900,000 people were effected by Agent Orange, 400,000 killed or maimed and the rest stricken with disability, health problems, or born with health defects.

This is where truth meets outrageness. Warning, what follows may be partially ASB, and it's purely out of imagination rather than seriousness.

1963 - 1971Edit

In 1963, the United States was reeling from the death of John F. Kennedy and the war in Vietnam was mounting. The United States biochemical research program was working on a new project; a very lethal nerve toxin called Project Tangerine which was a compound of several different pre-developed nerve agents; the toxin was genetically altered to target the brain to eliminate any chance of eluding certain death at the hands of the compound.

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