The point of divergance is peaceful: A man named Yeshua, son of a woman named Mary and possibly a man named Joseph, known by his neighbors in Israel as a helpful and kind man, does not teach a new religion. He dies peacefully in the year which in another universe is called 59 AD. He is remembered for a few decades fondly by his family and friends, and then he fades from memory.

Without his teachings, the great monotheistic converting religion never arises. People retain the ancient ancestral beliefs in their cultures for the most part, sometimes merging them with other religions (like Buddhism) or having new motions that change the old religion (such as Sol Invictus or Zoroastrianism). World History follows much the same course, save for the fact that the Arabs never take over northern Africa. File:Alternateworldreligions.png

List of Religions by Size (English Names Given)Edit

In addition, there are various other broad categories of religions, which tend to be categorized in large groups:

  • Chinese Folk Religions & other East Asian Folk religions (combined with Buddhism)
  • African Folk Religions
  • Native American Folk Religions
  • Papuan Folk Religions

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