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PPMC Server Edit

PPMC or "Playpixelmonmc" is a 1.7.10 Minecraft server that primarily uses the Pixelmon mod. The server was started in November 2013 and is still very active today. PPMC has six different servers within itself that are all unique from the others. There is the Kanto server, primarily an adventure map loosely based on the Kanto region from the popular Pokemon Red/Blue games. Then there is the Johto server, which is much closer to the source material compared to Kanto, and this server is based on the Johto region from the Pokemon Silver/Gold games. There is the Survival server, which is where building and claiming land is enabled and survival is the key mechanic. Then there is the Island server, another adventure map which takes place on a much smaller island that is fully explorable and an original design. The Sky Island server is an original map which takes place on multiple islands above the clouds. Finally, the Pantheos region is another fully original adventure mode map which is designed to be the hardest server on PPMC and follows a similar style to that of Kanto but with its own twists.