What if the Olympic Games like today started in the year 80? Well with the years going on, many more countries unlike today got to participate and host the games. Different countries got to host the Games starting in Athens, Roman Empire in the year 80

Summer GamesEdit

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Olympic Games host cities
Year Host City Olympiad Notes
80 Athens, Roman Empire I First Olympic Games since the ancient Olympics
84 Rome, Roman Empire II
88 Carthage, Roman Empire III First Games in Africa
92 Gerasa, Roman Empire IV
96 Rome, Roman Empire V
100 Athens, Roman Empire VI
104 Gerasa, Roman Empire VII
108 Rome, Roman Empire VIII
112 Carthage, Roman Empire VIIII
116 Alexandria, Roman Empire X
120 Byzantium, Roman Empire XI
124 Jerusalem, Roman Empire XII First Games in the Middle East
128 Ecbatana, Parthian Empire XIII First games in another country
132 Rome, Roman Empire XIIII
136 Luoyang, Han Dynasty XV First Games in East Asia
140 Assak, Parthian Empire XVI
144 Carthage, Roman Empire XVII
148 Xuchang, Han Dynasty XVIII
152 Alexandria, Roman Empire XVIIII
156 Chang'an, Han Dynasty XX
160 Assak, Parthian Empire XXI
164 Bagram, Kashan Empire XXII First Games in India
168 Aksum, Kingdom of Aksum XXIII
172 Luoyang, Han Dynasty XXIIII
176 Assak, Parthian Empire XXV
180 Athens, Roman Empire XXVI 100 Years since the start of the games
184 Peshawar, Kushan Empire XXVII
188 Chang'an, Han Dynasty XXVIII
192 Alexandria, Roman Empire XXVIIII
196 Aksum, Kingdom of Aksum XXX
200 Assak, Parthian Empire XXXI
204 Rome, Roman Empire XXXII
208 Xuchang, Han Dynasty XXXIII
212 Bagram, Kushan Empire XXXIIII
216 Byzantium, Roman Empire XXXV
220 Aksum, Kingdom of Aksum XXXVI
224 Chengdu, Shu Han XXXVII
228 Jerusalem, Sasanian Empire XXXVIII
232 Luoyang, Cao Wei XXXVIIII

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