The National Intelligence Agency is the primary intelligence agency within the Republic of Western Ithania. It's mission states to collect and file intelligence for use by the military but its operations have diversified over the years with some being controversial.

The agency as we know it today was founded in 1931 under the Security Intelligence Act 1930. The NIA at that time was tasked with collecting intelligence on foreign countries and compiling it but has evolved into one of the largest government agencies running covert missions all across Aloria. It works along with the Executive Investigation Authority to improve the security of the Ithanian Republic.

The NIA has come under some scrutiny for its illegal doings such as gun trafficking to create more funds though these have not been proven. Most of the allegations have been disproven by the International Standards for Governmental Agencies and the Office of Regulations and Compliance.

History Edit

Founding Edit

In 1930 Sean D. Verin was Prime Minister and was worried about foreign intelligence into the country. The Association for Ithanian Security was a intergovernmental agency that was weak and underfunded. In 1930 the Ithanian Assembly officially abolished the United Security Charter and the AIS was no longer a body of investigation for the Republic. From 1930-1931 the Security Intelligence Act 1930 was written and drafted and in 1931 it was passed into law.

The major change was the establishment of the Commission for Intelligence and Security which would govern the new Intelligence Agencies. The 2 major organisations were the NIA and the EIA. The NIA director was Harold Hamilton and he established the first operations for the NIA. The NIA began its operations almost immediately.

1931-1981 Edit

The NIA concentrated much of its intelligence on gangs and the Vofruorhiel Union. Major gangs were shut down over the many years of the agency though they were controversial due to the inhumane techniques conducted by the agents. The Vofruorhiel Union was a major target after 1945 after the Communist Suppression Act was passed by the assembly. The Vofruorhiel Union were accused of infiltrating the Socialist Party and in 1948 it was banned. In 1956 the Labour Party was nearly forcefully dissolved due to its left leaning ideologies but the Supreme Court barred the decision and allowed the Labour Party to continue.

When the Vofruorhiel Union eventually collapsed in 1981 surveillance began to slow and more internal intelligence too

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