Information about Military-related topics in the King of America timeline.

United StatesEdit

United States ArmyEdit

File:United States Department of the Army Seal.svg

The United States Army is the primary ground-based fighting force of the United States and has a force of 800,000 active-duty personnel and 950,000 reserve and National Guardsmen; effectively making it the largest branch out of all the United States' armed forces.


The United States Army the dominant fighting force in most of the U.S.' wars prior to the 20th century, namely the Franco-American War, the Canadian Revolutionary War, and the First and Second American Wars.

United States NavyEdit

United States Marine CorpsEdit

File:USMC logo.svg


The U.S. Marine Crops partook in many operations during World War II, such as the D-Day landings and the Cuban Campaign; both of which during 1944. The Marines were slated to invade Australia and New Zealand, however the operation was called off with the surrender of the United Kingdom.


The Marines have three training sites

  • MCRD Henderson (New Jersey)
  • MCRD San Diego (California)
  • MCRD Guantanamo Bay (Cuba)

United States Air ForceEdit


German ArmyEdit


German NavyEdit

German Air ForceEdit

Confederate StatesEdit

Confederate States ArmyEdit

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Confederate States Marine CorpsEdit

Confederate States Air CorpsEdit

United KingdomEdit

British ArmyEdit

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