Maltropian Viceroyalty of the Islands
Leasríocht Maltróipeach na n-Oileán
Flag of Maltropian Islands Coat of arms of Maltropian Islands
Motto“In ainm Dé”
The Maltropian Islands (dark green) in Maltropia (light green)
(and largest city)
Official languages Irish, English
Demonym Maltropian Islander, Islander
Country 23x15px Maltropia
Government Hereditary federal constitutional monarchy
 -  King Brendan
 -  Viceroy Art MacMurrough
Legislature Assembly of the Islands
HDI (2012) 0.965 
Currency Maltropian Ducat (MD€)
Date formats dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .mtr
Calling code 674

The Maltropian Islands (Irish: na hOileáin Maltróipeacha), officially the Maltropian Viceroyalty of the Islands (Irish: Leasríocht Maltróipeach na n-Oileán), are a crown dominion and constituent nation of the Most Catholic Empire of Maltropia. Their capital is the city of Argensborough, in the principality of Chetwynd.

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