Monarch Name Reign Start Reign End Notes House
Romeo I 895 936 First ever Emperor Vivaldi
Louis I 936 943 Son of Romeo I
Maurice 943 981 Cousin of Louis I
Romeo II 981 1010 Cousin of Maurice Vivaldi. Son of Louis I.
Romeo III 1010 1077 Son of Romeo II.
Louis II 1077 1099 Uncle of Romeo III
Franklin I 1099 1132 Cousin of Louis II. First of the Franklin Succession
Franklin II 1132 1156 Son of Franklin I
Franklin III 1156 1194 Son of Franklin II
Franklin IV 1194 1202 Son of Franklin III
Franklin V 1202 1288 Son of Franklin IV. Last of the Franklin Succession.
Leonard I 1288 1317 Great grandson of Romeo III.
Romeo IV 1317 1325 Son of Leonard I.
Louis III 1325 1432 Son of Romeo IV. Longest serving Emperor of Ithania.
Louis IV 1432 1433 Grandson of Louis III
Arthur I 1433 1468 Second cousin of Louis IV.
Louis V 1468 1504 Son of Arthur I.
Leonard II 1504 1510 Son of Louis V
Alexander I 1510 1576 Son of Leonard II
Alexander II 1576 1623 Youngest son of Alexander I.
Leonard III 1623 1702 Uncle of Alexander II.
Franklin VI 1702 1795 Grandson of Alexander II.
Romeo V 1795 1836 Son of Franklin VI.
Leonard IV 1836 1852 Son of Romeo V. Last Emperor of Ithania.

Romeo I was the first Emperor of Ithania and the Founder of the Vivaldi House. All Emperors after him were members of the Vivaldi royal house. Louis III is famous for being the longest serving emperor. He became Emperor aged 16 and served up until 1432 dying aged 123. The Franklin Age was a period between 1099 and 1288 which was met by 5 successive emperors. They are regarded as expanding the empire hugely over its 189 years reign. The first sign of destabilisation is in 1433 after the sudden death of Louis V. The empire began losing land in northern areas. The empire kept shrinking until much of its former citizens were under enemy control. In 1852 Leonard IV gave the JaJa Speech.

The speech was as followed:

"My dear people, I do not know how to say this but this empire must come to an end. It is the sad fate that meets everyone and everything. Over 950 years this empire has been existence and has been the superpower of the Ithanian Islands. The 2 emperors before me have tried their best to maintain the land of the empire but we have stretched beyond our limits. We are no longer at a size to call ourselves and empire and I am ashamed to call myself an Emperor. This however is not the end. I will continue as Lord of Quirin and the Vivaldi Royal Family will live on but the empire is dead and gone. I have failed my people"

Soon after this much of the Ithanian Empire collapsed and raiders entered its walls why what was left of the Imperial Ithanian Army became the Guards of Quirin. Quirin City became the capital of the Earldom of Quirin which was eventually merged into the Republic of Western Ithania

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