Goldman Corp is a large international conglomerate headquartered in Greenfield. The following is a list of its divisions in the company. If you are looking for its companies its acquired over its life time please visit List of Goldman Corp Acquisitions.

List of Divisions Edit

Goldman Corp Administration - This division is in charge of regulating and overseeing the day to day basis of running the company. It incorporates the offices of the CEO, CO, CFO, Board of Directors and Directors.

Goldman Wealth and Asset Managment - This is the core business of the company and is well known for managing many celebrities and other businesses estates.

Goldman Refinery Group - This was the original business established by Harry J. Goldman but was dissolved in 1907 under the Corporate Competition Laws. It was reestablished in 1988 with the result of the oil boom.

Goldman Architects and Construction Group - One of the largest sector of the groups. Is 30% owned by the Greenfield Government and is in official contract with them until 2050.

Goldman Insurance - Insurance company under the control of the Goldman Corp.

Goldman Entertainment - This is the parent company of many of the media outlets owned by Goldman Corp. Visit List of Goldman Corp Media Divisions.

Goldman Holidays - Established in 2000 this division manages the recreational and holiday sector of the company.

.Goldman Market - This division manages the retail and food sector of the business.

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