Republic of Kurdistan
هه رێمى كوردستان عێراق
2004 –
Kurdish Flag Kudish Seal
Ey Reqîb
(English: "Hey, Enemy")
Kurdisant as of September 21st, 2004.
Capital Erbil
Official language Kurdish
State ideology Democracy
Government Parlimentary Democracy
Head of State
- 2005 –
Massoud Barzani
Head of State
- 2005 –
Prime Minister
Nechervan Idris Barzani
Area 370,000 km² (2007)
Population 26,750,000 (2010 est.)
Currency Kurdish Lira

Created out of the Partition of Iraq in 2004 and the cession from Turkey in 2005 the Republic of Kurdistan is one of the three bastions of socio-economic progress in the Middle East.


Kurdistan is often said to be an odd couple marrige of political parties, allon with the fairly libertarian Free Kurdish Party, is the second larges party in the country which was born out of the Turkish half of the country, the down right communist Kurdish Workers Party. Currently only the most moderate members of the KWP have been able to gain access to the Kurdish Parliament, while the FKP holds a resounding majority.


Kurdistan has the largest economy of the "Three Iraqs" and the fourth largest economy in the Middle East after Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Kurdistan was home to 85% of Iraq's oil reserves and is one of the region's largest suppliers. Currently Kurdistan is using their oil revenues to continue to develop their country, and follow the Dubai model for economic growth in the Middle East, in that they use their oil reveneus to facilitate the growth of a larger commercial industry.

International RelationsEdit

Kurdistan was one of the founding members of CATB, and holds very strong ties to the United States and Europe. While Kurdistan is an open pratitioner of Free Trade, they are not specifically allies to nations like China and India, and are somewhat warry of anything to do with Russia. Kurdistan has a seat at the Middle Eastern Security Council, and holds strong ties to the members of CATB.

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