Ivory, from Irish Íbharaighe (pronounced /iːvʲaɾˠɪɣɛ/ or /iːvʲaɾˠiː/) meaning 'the People of Íbar', is a major port city in Maltropia and is the capital of the principality of Montrose.

Ivory was founded in the fourth century by Íbar of Morna, from whom it draws its name. It was a major ecclesiastical centre and developed into a fully-fledged city in the eighth century, obtaining the primacy of Montrose as the Prince-Bishopric of Ivory at the Synod of Uisneach in 844. Ivorian ships conducted trade across central Maltropia and as far as the islands of Helvick. In a peculiar quirk of history, in the sixteenth century it acquired a central role in Maltropia's ivory trade, when Helvickan walruses were hunted for their ivory. Ships laden with ivory for processing sailed to Ivory, which then exported the product. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century it was also a whaling port, memorialised in the song The Whaler.

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