The Ithanian Empire, officially known as the Royal Ithanian Empire existed from 895 to its collapse in 1852. It originated in South Eastern Ithania and soon expanded to nearly covering the entire Ithanian Archipeligo. It was widely known for its religous powers and its strong rivalry with the Regalian Empire. It originated under the leadership of Romeo Vivaldi who was the Founder of the House of Vivaldi which is the longest continuous royal house which served as the Royal Family of Ithania for its entire existence.

Romeo Vivaldi was originally King of Deldrimor and he united with kingdoms and earldoms around him to form the Deldrimorian Alliance. He expanded the alliance rapidly before proclaiming himself Emperor of Ithania and his dream to conquer the entire Ithanian subcontinent. He began extending westwards to the sea and northwards were weaker tribes were located. He built Qurin on the island of Jaja and this became the nations capital. He passed the throne on to his son Louis Vivaldi who expanded the empire even further and is famous for claiming the entire western coastline for the nation and he had control of the major trade routes. Maurice Vivaldi who was the youngest son of Louis Vivaldi took over after his fathers sudden death in 943 and is famous for not invading any instead using his influence of the west coast trade routes by blocking any trade going to other kingdoms.

The nation was a rapid developing country up until the end of the 18th century when its economy slowed dramatically. The Cerluean was a well known continent in Aloria for being poorer then many others. Ceardia and Regalia-Warrenord were more popular places to live as Ithania was war torn and old. Much of the empires rich resource mines closed as companies left the country to move. In 1810 Romeo passed the Immigration Act 1810 which banned all emigration and immigration and was seen as one of the most unpopular laws passed. It was officially abolished by the Ithanian Senate. This showed the weakening power of the monarchy. In 1836 Leonard IV succeeded his father to the throne and began the Ithanian Demonarchist Era which seen the break up of the empire. He set up a number of earldoms and secured a lot of trade within the manors. This was to create the continuity of the legacy of the empire. By 1852 much of the empire had been divided and Leonard IV no longer called him "emperor". Over the course of 2 weeks he officially dissolved the Senate and slowly weakened his power before he finally dissolved the empire as he left the continent as a citizen for a better life.

The Ithanian Empire left a large power vacuum and soon the area was war torn. Many people left the Ithanian Continent as the Golden Age of Ithania came to an end.

Early History Edit

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