Inis Snaidhm (Irish meaning Knot Island), sometimes anglicised as Inisnyme, is an island in Maltropia, located in western Newmarsh, about 80 kilometres southeast down the coast from Kinsale. It covers an area of 5.3 square kilometres and, with a population of 586, is the twenty second-most populous island in the principality. The most populous settlement on the small island is the town of Monastersnyme.

Inis Snaidhm was settled by 1800 BC, when large earthworks were erected including a number of dolmens. It remained inhabited until 1200 BC and was not resettled until the third century AD. It briefly became a major religious centre in 522, when Saint Máirtín of Kinsale founded a monastery that remained active until c. 635.

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