Harry Joseph Morgan Goldman (1802-1874) was a greenfield buisnessman and billionaire. He was born in the town of Hunters Point in 1802. He is most well known for being the founder of Goldman Corp. A large conglomerate which has ventures in many areas of business around the Cerulean continent and is one of the largest companies in the entire Lyean Universe.

He served as Chairman of Goldman Corp. from 1832-1866 amounting to 33 years. He began the company after he left his family's beef factory. He eventually invested over 2,000,000$ and a 1,000,000$ loan from the Greenfield National Investment Bank and bought a small oil field in Southern Jareus. He worked his company from there and soon had a net worth of over 200 million dollars.

In 1866 Goldman had a major stroke and was admitted to Greenfield Central Hospital but survived. He sadly could no longer maintain his role as Chairman and resigned and left the company to rest on his ranch. His wife took full control of the company the same year.

In 1871 Harry J. Goldman had another major stroke and could no longer fully care for himself at home. His wife left the company and handed it over to their sons. Harry Goldman battled with his illness for another 3 years but died in 1874 of a heart attack. He is buried in Harry Goldman Memorial Centre.

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