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This is an archive of Flags created for the Pax Columbia timeline. This does not include Pictures and Maps created for the timeline. I, CassAnaya, have a degree in Digital and Film Animation, this wiki helps me practice some of my Photoshop skills. If you have any pictures that have a significant change to the original picture and fit within the Pax Columbia timeline, then PLEASE add it here. These pictures should not be from within OTL, they must be ALTered. :>)

Flag of Federated States of Columbia Edit

Current Flag of the Federated States of Columbia.

1818: Flag was changed from original Flag of Federated States of Granada after the Granada Civil War.

Flag of Burgundy Edit

Created using the traditional colors of Burgundy.

Flag of Denmark Edit

A combination of flags from both Denmark and Norway, reflecting that Norway did not successfully vote for Independence.

Flags of the United Kingdom Edit

This flag combines the full state of Ireland and England, but lacks Scotland and Wales. The black and gold reflects a fascist past. It was difficult for citizens to take pride in the flag, which became a symbol of the Mosley regime. When Britain won the World Cup in soccer in 2008, it represented the first time British citizens could proudly display their flag, and the shame of fascist nationalism had dissipated.

This is the Flag of the British Empire before it's loss of Wales after World War I. It represents Ireland, Wales, and England, but lacks Scotland.

Flag of Poland Edit

Flag reflects a combination of Poland and Lithuania.

Flag of Romana Edit

The Holy Roman Empire, morphs into Romana through the course of the AltHistory.

Flag of China Edit

This beautiful and elaborate Flag reflects a Chinese Republic.

Flag of Korea Edit

This flag represents a united Korea.

Flag of India Edit

This flag represents a combined India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Tibet.

Flag of North Japan Edit

The symbol is taken from the symbol for Sapporo, combined with a Juche communist background.

Flag of South Japan Edit

With Korea as the historical regional imperial power, Japan keeps it's original flag design as an anti-colonialist statement.

Flag of Zaire Edit

Composed of the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Angola.

Flag of Mali Edit

The background reflects an Italian colonial influence. Mali consists of current Mali, Senegal, Mauritana, and the disputed Western Sahara.

Flags of the United States and OTL Consisting Areas Edit

The seven stars and stripes reflect a flag redesign after the Confederacy broke off from the North American republic.


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