The Executive Powers Act 1852 was an act of law passed by the Ithanian National Assembly. It is part of the Establishment Laws and officially created the office of the Prime Minister of Western Ithania and its other executive positions. It has been the mot amended act of all of the Establishment Laws and has reduced and increased the powers of the Executive Council. It was last amended in 2003.

It was first amended in 1867 to further increase the powers of the Executive Council then again in 1883 and again to even further the powers of the Executive Council in 1906. It was then amended again in 1917 after the Samson Scandal to reduce the powers of the Prime Minister. It was abolished for a short time between 1947-1956 with the emergence of the Emergency Powers Acts. It was then reintroduced in 1956 after the end of the Second Ithanian War. It was amended in 2003 to update the powers of the Prime Minister and was part of the modernisation of the government.

This act has been highly debated some stating that it can be amended to grant powers beyond constitutional rights. The Legislative Standards Commission has lobbied for its removal but has been unsuccessful.

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