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Eternal Accords of the Three Crowns
Concordiæ Æternæ Trium Coronarum Latin
Drafted March - June 1995
Signed June 6, 1995 (1995-06-06)
Location Corcaigh Nua, Maltropia
Effective 17 December 1995
Signatories 23x15px Maltropia
23x15px Nikolia
23x15px Romberg
Languages Latin, Maltropian Irish, Rombergian, Serbian

The Eternal Accords of the Three Crowns (EATA; Latin and officially: Concordiæ Æternæ Trium Coronarum; Maltropian Irish: Conarthaí Síoraí na Trí gCorónach; Rombergian: Ewige Abkommen von den drei Kronen; Serbian: Вечни споразуми три Круна) is a multilateral treaty that provides for free trade, mutual defence and extradition.

Its signatories are Maltropia, Nikolia and Romberg.

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