With the Seven Years War pitting Spain into a conflict with the Great Britain means that they will need to relocate troops just for the defense of their homelands, Diego Silang and Gabriela Silang took the opportunity to launch their planned rebellion. The subsequent invasion of the British troops of Manila was the perfect time to launch the rebellion, which inspired other provinces to launch theirs as well. The Spanish officials took a desperate move by trying to appease the native's wishes as well as religious means to convince them to help them fight the British, who are still in the walls of Manila, but it was a failure after a recent scandal involving a priest, natives longing for freedom, and also an idea spread all over the colony that the Spanish are not, in fact, very strong and invulnerable. After the rebellion's success, the British decided to turn around back to India as they know the Filipinos will not cooperate with them should they hold it.

The Filipinos now then decided to create the new government almost following the British one: a constitutional monarchy as they believed that it will also bring success to their nation after witnessing how great the British is under that government. With technology and educated illustrados pouring from Europe, the world witnesses the start of a great nation: The Philippine Empire.

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