Elizabeth Georgina Maria Goldman (1799-1890) was a greenfield businesswoman and was married to one of the richest men in Greenfield, Harry J. Goldman. She was originally from JiJiJilo but moved to Greenfield is her early twenties in search of work. She was originally a member of the Jackson Leather Company but moved to work in the Goldman Corporation fulltime after her marriage to Harry Goldman in 1831.

She served as Vice Chairwoman of the company from 1835 to 1866 until she took over fulltime control of the company after her husbands stroke. She is well known for expanding interest in retail sector of the company and diversified the ventures of Goldman Corp. She successfully acquired Jackson Leather Company her former employer and incorporated CMC Market into the company. Elizabeth Goldman is well known for also ballooning the family wealth from 200 million dollars to over 850 million dollars in the space 5 years. This was due to the recent explosion in the retail and food market. She stepped down in 1871 after her husband had another severe stroke and took to care for him at all times.

In 1875 Harry Goldman died of a heart attack and Elizabeth Goldman became very introverted and would speak or be seen in public often. She made her final address to the public as she officially announced her resignation as a investor in Goldman Corp. aged 1888 aged 89. She was often seen around her ranch and in the company HQ but was admitted to hospital in 1889. She died in 1890 of natural causes.

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