Edward III of Portugal
Duarte III de Portugal
Timeline: 1776: The United Commonwealth of America

OTL equivalent: Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza

Edward III of Portugal in 2011.

King of Portugal
24 December 1976 - present

Predecessor: Monarchy abolished (as King)
Duarte Nuno (as the Duke of Braganza)
Successor: Afonso (heir)
Birth: 15 May 1945
Bern, Switzerland
Spouse: Isabel Castro Curvelo de Herédia Religion: Roman Catholic

Edward III of Portugal (Duarte Pio João Miguel Gabriel Rafael, born 15 May 1945) is the current King of Portugal and the head of the House of Braganza. He was crowned king in 24 December 1976, being the first King of Portugal after the Carnation Revolution, which ended the Estado Novo dictatorship.

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