Dr. Desmond Jordan Barty Goldman(1841-1931) was a greenfield businessman and member of the prominent Goldman Family. He served as Chairman from 1902-1905 and again from 1926-1929. He is the youngest son of all the Goldmans and second youngest child of the Goldmans. He attended St. Marys Catholic School and went on to go to Greenfield Private High. He eventually went to the Greenfield School of Law and Business and got a doctorate in Law and Economics. In 1865 he set up his own company called Desmond Goldman Solicitors which was independent from the family business which was criticised by the family.

He managed his entire company up until 1902 when his brother Lawlor Goldman left to become a politician. His sister was away in other parts of the Cerulean on business trips so Desmond was asked to become the new Chairman. He agreed and officially merged his company into Goldman Corp. He largely stepped out of the light in his law business and ran the company for another 3 years until he became very sick and resigned with pneumonia. He left the company to rest at his home. In 1910 he was admitted to hospital and was on the brink of passing but surprisingly survived his sickness. He rejoined the company in 1920 and requested he take over the company again. In 1926 his sister stepped back and Desmond Goldman became Chairman again.

In 1929 though he suffered from major pneumonia and was admitted to hospital. He recovered in 1930 and was 89. He retired from his job and left the company. In 1931 he died of a short sickness and was buried in the Goldman Memorial Center beside his father and brother.

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