This game is under construction. Please do not choose nations until it is complete.

If you are familiar with map games, then you know that most map games start sometime within the last 500 years. There are a few that break that rule, but few are successful.

So here is the ultimate challenge. This map game begins before the very first civilizations fell. In this map game, you will not be bound by what happened in History, because you will simply make it your own.


  1. The game will start in 1750 B.C.
  2. Turns will change as the game goes on.
  3. Each and every nation must adapt as time goes on or else they will be overtaken. There will be a stability algorithm to monitor changes to a nation.
  4. Some civilizations are divided at the start of the game.
  5. Nations will continuously fall, but civilizations and culture may last for very long periods of time, even to the present day.
  6. Civilizations may be started by new players. Civilizations will have a better time spawning and surviving at certain areas like river valleys (ex. China, Egypt), peninsulas/islands (Mycenaean Greece, Minoans), or near other civilizations (Assyria, Nubia).
  7. There will be more, but as of now the game is still under construction.


If a civilization is underlined, it is comprised of city-states.

If a civilization is in italics, it is in considerable civil disarray.

If a civilization is in bold, then it is still primarily tribal.


  • Mycenaean Greek City-States - Caged1 (talk) 15:21, January 2, 2014 (UTC)
  • Minoan Palace City-States -
  • Thracian Peoples -
  • Illyrian Peoples - Jontiben (talk)
  • Nordic Peoples - metalshadow455 (talk)


  • Indus Valley City-States -
  • Elam -
  • Babylonia - Local (talk)
  • Assyria -
  • Hittite Empire -
  • Xia Dynasty of China - Scraw
  • Gojoseon - Leldy22 (talk)
  • Phoenician City-StatesChiRho
  • Phrygian Peoples -
  • Hebrew Peoples -
  • Japanese Peoples -



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