Cray Isle Naval Base
Cray Isle, Maltropia
Type Naval base
Controlled by Blackhelm Confederacy
Garrison 46,156 (38,156 sailors and 8,000 marines)
Commanders Capitaneus Julianus M. Baker
(Commanding Officer)

Navarchus Cassianus Fieldsman
(Executive Officer)

Cray Isle Naval Base is the largest base of the Blackhelm Confederate Navy outside of the Incorporated States, on Cray Isle, Maltropia. Cray Isle Naval Base is the principal homeport of the Paradoxian Fleet, consisting of 37 ships and over 100 tenant commands. The base is composed of 12 piers stretched over 500 acres. The total on base population is over 46,000 military personnel and 12,000 civilians.


Support services on base includes less direct and indirect fleet support: waterfront operations, force protection (security), supply, Navy Exchange and Commissary shopping centers, bachelor quarters, food services, public affairs, administration, transient personnel administration fiscal management, equal employment opportunity, civil engineering, family services, recreation on the base and near various military family housing areas, medical and dental care, religious services, transportation, utilities, legal support, counseling and assistance, facility maintenance, fire protection, educational services, and child care for several hundred children daily at the base Child Development Center.

Homeported shipsEdit

File:USS Boxer (LHD-4), San Diego.jpg
File:Nuclear cruiser Frunze.jpg
Dreadnoughts (1) Cruisers (3) Destroyers (5) Amphibious (2) Support Ships (2)
  • BCNS Fidei Defensor
  • BCNS Supplement
  • BCNS Wrath
  • BCS Traveller
  • BCNS Tiger
  • BCNS Asgard
  • BCNS Zeal
  • BCNS Shadow
  • BCNS Counsel
  • BCNS Jennifer
  • BCNS Amazon
  • BCNS Herminius Lighthorse (Fleet repenishment oiler)
  • BCNS Highlands (Underway replenishment oiler)

Fast Attack Ships (24)
  • CI-1
  • CI-2
  • CI-3
  • CI-4
  • CI-5
  • CI-6
  • CI-7
  • CI-8
  • CI-9
  • CI-10
  • CI-11
  • CI-12
  • CI-13
  • CI-14
  • CI-15
  • CI-16
  • CI-17
  • CI-18
  • CI-19
  • CI-20
  • CI-21
  • CI-22
  • CI-23
  • CI-24

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