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Here you can ask questions and get help and support from other founders and admins. No question is off limits. You can also help out and share your own knowledge by answering the questions asked here. We've split the forum into four buckets to keep threads in specific topics: Getting Started, General Questions, Technical Help and Watercooler. Stickied Threads are the hot threads at the moment.

Before you post please check out FAQ's in the Stickied Thread area to see if your question has already been answered.
Find general tips about posting in the forums below in Forum Tips.
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Stickied Threads
Board Categories
Admin Forum:WatercoolerNever
Admin Forum:Technical HelpNever
Admin Forum:General QuestionsNever
Admin Forum:Getting StartedNever

Forum TipsEdit

When posting to the forum keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure your title is as specific as possible, be clear in the subject of what you need help with.
  • In the body of the post, be as detailed you can be. Make sure you include a link to the wiki you need help with. When appropriate include the browser you are in and the operating system you use.
  • Make sure to sign your posts so everyone knows who’s who.
  • To "sticky" a thread, add Category:Stickied threads to the post.
  • Be sure to be friendly and nice. There will be all levels of users within this space -- be respectful when asking or answering questions.
  • Be helpful.
  • If you need specific help that you can not get here, contact the Wikia Staff
  • Have fun and create community.


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