Central Asian Trade Bureau
Центральная азиатская торговая контора
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"Trade Alliance"
The Central Asian Trade Bureau
Headquarters Kabul, Pashtunistan Republic, Confederation of Afghanistan
Founding Members Russia
Official Languages Russian, Farsi, Arabic
General Secretary Vladimir Putin
Chairman Hamid Karzai

Founded in 2007, the Central Asian Trade Bureau is the largest overland trade partnership in the world since the end of NAFTA in 2008. The international Bureau currently has members of every nation of Eurasia, and is currently trying to expand into North America. The Bureau has evolved as the central political network of Eurasia, Kabul acting as the central meeting ground for the Bureau's members. The Bureau hold some stark differences to other International Unions; unlike NATO, the Union of South American Nations, or the African Union, the CATB is more comparable to NAFTA.

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