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Argensborough (Irish: Cathair Airgid, or "City of Silver"), historically referred to in English as Silverfort, is the capital and largest city of the Maltropian Islands, and the third-most populous city in the empire. It is also the capital of the principality of Chetwynd.



From the sixteenth to the mid-nineteenth century, Silverfort was a major commercial centre and the chief hub of the Maltropian whaling industry, immortalised in the song The Whaler. Whaling vessels out of ports such as Silverfort would travel to Helvick and the northern coast of the nation and thence operate out of whaling stations, returning to their home ports only a few times a year. The trade in whale oil made Silverfort one of the wealthiest cities in the empire, and the eighteenth century saw lavish architecture erected almost exclusively with the profits of that trade.




File:Port of Argensborough.png

Argensborough possesses the largest transport facility in the Maltropian Empire at Argensborough International Tradeport, a combined air and seaport which handles over 34 million air passengers and 43,000 ships annually.


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