This is a list of destinations served by Aer Maltrópa as of September 2014.

* Cargo and passenger
** Cargo only
^ Future
# Terminated
City Country IATA Airport
Aghabullogue23x15px Maltropia Aghabullogue City Airport
AlleskandbergNew Tarajan Alleskandberg International Airport
Anollasia CityAnollasiaANCJames Anoll International Airport
Antillia23x15px Costa de OuroANTSonhos International Airport
Ardnacrusha23x15px Maltropia Iniscarra Airport
Argensborough23x15px MaltropiaARGArgensborough International Tradeport †
Arugula23x15px RuccolaAGIArugula International Airport
Burgunden23x15px Neu EngollonBRGBurgunden International Airport
Canvatica23x15px Akimonad
Carigrad23x15px Nikolia Carigrad International Airport †
Cenial23x15px Ceni
Castledoon23x15px MaltropiaACDCastledoon Airport
Cloghroe23x15px Maltropia Cloghroe International Airport
Cloudbase 6Absolute PowerSDISaint David International
Corcaigh Nua23x15px MaltropiaCRNCorcaigh Nua International Airport †
D CityD Land and IslesDCXD City International Airport
DanzigPrussia-BrandenburgDZGDanzig-Köslin Airport
DavenportHavlDAVDavenport International Airport
Deuxieme CityCoopanovaEUAAjadi Airport
Eochaill23x15px MaltropiaEOCTurlough the Triumphant International †
Farnoa23x15px Kington Langley
Farranree23x15px Maltropia Farranree International Airport
Gaillimh23x15px Maltropia Gaillimh Beach Airport
GoldenStar United States Golden International Airport
Greater Freeport CityFinaoraFPXFreeport-Lochlann Flynn International Airport
Greater Nuxenstat23x15px RadictistanNXRNuxenstat Xenocimedes Radicti International Airport
Grosvaer City23x15px Kington Langley
Hammersfield23x15px Akimonad
Harston23x15px Kington Langley
Hartfer23x15px RadictistanNHINorcust-Hartfer International Airport
Holmgard23x15px RombergHGCHolmgard International Airport
Intel23x15px Dangish EmpireITAIntel International Airport
Invercargill23x15px Akimonad
Keatingston23x15px Akimonad
Kelowna23x15px Kelonna Daniel McCoy International Airfield
Kent23x15px Akimonad
Kingsbridge23x15px MaltropiaDGRKingsbridge Regional Airport
Kingsford23x15px Kington Langley
Kingsmouth23x15px Kington LangleyKIAKingsmouth International Airport †
Kingston-upon-King23x15px Kington Langley
Königsberg 23x15px RombergKNBKönigsberg Airport
Lesourdsville Lake23x15px Akimonad
Levallois23x15px Van Luxemburg
London MetroUnited Republic BritainLSKSouth Kensington International Airport
Luxembourg23x15px Van LuxemburgLCOLuxembourg-Courtemanche International Airport
MacartaCoacroXMMMacarta-Mond Ser International Airport
Marswald City23x15px Kington Langley
Montreal22px QuebecMTRSir Charles Merton Regimabult International Airport
Naybra City23x15px NaybraNIANaybra International Airport
New FrontierReino do BrazilNEFNew Frontier International Airport
New Galway23x15px New WaterfordGLNNew Galway Airport
New HopePhoenixiaPIAPhoenixian International Airport
Norte AmazonasReino do Brazil
Nos23x15px Kington Langley
Paradise City23x15px Blackhelm ConfederacyPCXParadise City International Airport
PātaliputraVedanagaraPATPātaliputra Ratnasambhava Airport
Pickerington23x15px Akimonad
PixeStar United States Pixe International Airport
Port-du-Sud-VillePort-du-SudPSVPort-du-Sud-Ville International Airport
Port Larga23x15px Maltropia Larga City Tradeport
Purston23x15px Kington Langley
QuinntropolisCommunist QuinntopiaQNTQuinntropolis International Airport
RiversideStar United States Opangue Region International Airport
São PauloReino do Brazil
Silar Demesne22px SilarKGAKing Georges Alban the Great International Airport
Silkjd CitySilkjdSJCKin Huai International Airport
Sint-Annabeek23x15px Van Luxemburg
SjandleSchmiegellandSGASjandle Global Airport
SofiaBolghharia Sofia International Airport
SovngardeHofstadterSVGSovngarde International Airport
Sráid-bhó23x15px MaltropiaSRBSráid-bhó International Aeroport †
StarStar United States Star International Airport
Tarajan CityNew Tarajan Van Janaesc International Airport
Telleursville23x15px Neu EngollonALPAlpenhorn International Airport
Terestown23x15px Maltropia Monland Regional Airport
Valli la CosédaCoacroVCCValli la Coséda International Airport
Venezia23x15px Van Luxemburg Gilberto Monteluci International Airport
Veracruz23x15px Costa FieroASTVeracruz International Airport
Vitalita23x15px ViZionCUICentral Universe International Airport
Weiningen23x15px Van Luxemburg
Westfort23x15px Maltropia Westfort City Airport
Windstrand23x15px SondsteadWCANörditser Windstrand International Airport
Wolfenstein23x15px RombergWFSWolfenstein City Airport
WoodbedStar United StatesWIAWoodbed International Airport

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