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In 1981 the Soviet Union begins to decline due to overspending, bad harvests and the lack to export food from a communist state, food riots break out, turmoil spreads and the threat of US influence hovers. Therefore the Soviet Politburo chooses war instead of diplomacy and creates a plan to fabricate an American plot to bring down the Berlin wall, as well as proof that they are aiding Afghan Mujahideen. As a result the Soviet Union launches an unprovoked war against the West, beginning with a surprise invasion of the United States, as well as a war in the far east comprising of China, North Korea and Vietnam. The West responds by launching an Anti-Communist War.

Prelude to WarEdit

The KGB instructed by the Politburo, fabricates received news from a mole in Washington that there would be a planned destruction of the Berlin Wall but covered as a terrorist attack, by Red Faction terrorists, therefore pointing the finger at Communists, creating anti-communist sentiment. Moscow orders Cuba and other Latin Communist countries build up their forces to 50,000 in preparation for coordinated attacks on the US.


The USSR considered Cuba to be its closest ally and the main military force to fight the USA, with the help of inspiring other Latin American countries to rise, Cuba was the perfect model. Fidel Castro agrees to mobilise a strong force of over 500,000 troops, invades Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic and also Cuban agents are sent to Peru, Mexico and Nicaragua. The initial plan is to arm and support the Communist parties on a massive scale.

Sino-Soviet ReunificationEdit

Despite the split between the Communist countries, the USSR convinced the People's Republic of China to begin spreading Communism on a united socialist front. With the help of North Korea, Vietnam and Laos China could easily overrun the entire Far East.

Second Pacific WarEdit

The People's Republic of China declared immediate support for the Soviet Union and launched attacks on Japan, jointly invaded South Korea with North Korea, successfully occupied Mongolia and Taiwan.

East Coast InvasionEdit

Soviet Spetnaz launched a limited invasion of New York.

Cuban Invasion of MexicoEdit

The Republic of Cuba having armed and supplied the Communist Party of Mexico largely, now sets the final stage for an invasion. The Mexican Reds took control of Monterrey of the north.

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