Introduced 1989
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Maltropian Information Technology Administration (MITA)
Sponsor Royal Kingdom of Maltropia
Intended use Maltropian websites, public or otherwise
Actual use Popular in Maltropia, Maltropian Islands
Registration restrictions Server and/or administrators must be based in Maltropia or its dominions
Dispute policies

.mtr is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Maltropia and the Maltropian Islands. Since its creation in December 1989, the code has been used in 174 million registrations in Maltropia and the Maltropian Islands. The name originates from the equivalent in the Maltropian calling code, +687.

Second-level domainsEdit

Generic domainsEdit

  •, for commercial websites;
  •, for organisations, non-profit or otherwise;
  •, for government websites;
  •, for websites operated by the Maltropian Royal Military

Geographical domainsEdit

The larger Maltropian cities also have their own, unique second-level domain. Though less used than the top-level domains, they are nonetheless relatively common.

  •, for websites originating in Corcaigh Nua;
  •, for websites originating in Aghabullogue;
  •, for websites originating in Ardnacrusha;
  •, for websites originating in Argensborough;
  •, for websites originating in Cloghroe;
  •, for websites originating in Eochaill;
  •, for websites originating in Gaillimh;
  •, for websites originating in Kingsbridge;
  •, for websites originating in Port Larga;
  •, for websites originating in Sráid-Bhó.

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